stands for

…our style: big, bold & catchy. We love smart & impactful visuals. It also relates to our Belgian roots : we are based in Brussels wich is…a capital. Finally, there is a concept in the French language known as “capital sympathie” wich implies natural, genuine relationships.


stands for

…the way we work: with passion, taste and determination. “Panache” is not a word you hear everyday, but you can hear it in Toy Story (Fr version). Buzz/Woody : « J’appelle ça tomber avec panache ! ». This may actually be the most important reason.

The Team


& Art Director


& Head Manager


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Every member is part of the creative process. It allows us to develop
better ideas and make sure that everyone follows the project. We also enjoy working with many trusted partners
in specific fields :photography, illustration, video, programming…

A bit of history

The beginning

This wonderful tale started at a beach party in …Middelkerke. Antoine & Eliott were invited by a common friend. - Yes, it sounds like a romantic comedy but, that’s what happened - They didn’t really know each other but, they really got along instantly - romantic comedy... again - But more importantly, they both had a passion for creative works.

At some point in their life, they both wanted to create their company. Two days later, they called each other and decided to start their agency right away : Capital Panache was born.

The chemistry

Our two friends passed the first miles stones, the agency was launched. But they had not discover their powers yet : chemistry ! Paul McCartney & John Lennon, Dumb & Dumber, Antoine & Eliott…

History taught us that great iconic duos can change their industry. - No, wait, there are two guys that do not belong there. I am sure you know who - Anyway, no doubt about it : meeting the right people and getting the right chemistry is what boost a project.

The best is yet to come

Since that day at the beach, A & E had the chance to work with amazing people and brands. Pretty soon, it was already time to add new members to their dream team.

It has been a very exciting journey so far but the best is yet to come. Just like Hemingway said « Work is capital, let’s add some panache to it »