Let your
brand shine

A tailor-made visual
to elevate your

Discover the Glow Pack
Discover the Glow Pack

We design authentic, consistent, and unforgettable visual universes

Our mission

What will you get?


Your brand is iconic

A unique and
impactful logo
in both color and black&white, exported in .png, .jpg, and .pdf.


Make it pop!

A variety of primary
and secondary colors, specified for print and digital use.


Tell them with style

Selection of optimal font(s)
for print and digital


Be memorable

Customized backgrounds and elements, including plain colors, texturized shapes, and patterns.


Time to shine!

Choice of 2 additional items: business card, keynote, social media, flyer. More options here.


OMG, you look amazing !

A curated selection of 10 images, free to use, aligning with your new brand identity.


All you need to start

Provision of all source files for ready use upon project completion.


Make it crystal clear

An e-book (approx. 25 p) on
proper usage of graphic assets :
logos, patterns, colors…

Brand strategy
sessions needed?

We collaborate with outstanding
experts who will identify the essence
of your brand before beginning the
design process.

Work in progress,
trust the process

The creative process consists of 4 major steps. The timeline below depends on the feedback process and the agency's current workload.

Start a project
Start a project

Week 1

Contact and briefing

First contact




We begin by getting to know you and your company. We will ask you to fill out a form to better understand your brand. This form may take about an hour to complete, but it will provide us with all the necessary information to kickstart the design process. The more information you provide, the more personalized and authentic your visual identity will be.

Understanding a brand, the context in which it operates and thrives, its barriers, challenges, and opportunities is essential if we want to make a meaningful impact.

If you feel unsure answering some of the strategy related questions in the form, please do not hesitate to let us know - we have some amazing experts that can help you find those answers (through a workshop*) before we begin the design process.

*This workshop is not included in the Glow Pack.

Additionally, we will assign you a designated point of contact to ensure that you feel comfortable to ask any questions throughout the process.

Week 2

Research and mood




Now that we have a better understanding of your project and industry, we will put together a mood board. A mood board is a collection of images, colors, and text that represents the desired concepts and aesthetics for a design project. It helps to establish a common understanding between you and our design team before the actual design work begins.

We will present you with meaningful concepts and styles for you to choose from. To determine the artistic direction, we will ask you to give us your preferences on the mood board.

The more detailed and rationalized your comments are, the more efficient we will be in creating a final mood board. This final mood board will serve as a reference and guide for the design team throughout the project. Of course, we will still be there to explain our choices and discuss them with you.

Week 3





First draft and sketches

The design team will first take inspiration and direction from the mood board to create rough but unique sketches and visual concepts. These are not the final designs and it is common for feedback and revisions to be made at this stage.

Feedback & iterations

Based on your feedback, the design team will refine and iterate on the concept you chose.

Branded items

Once you've given us the green light, our team will get to work creating the additional items you've selected, like business cards, brochures, and packaging. To make sure everything turns out just right, we might need some final content from you to help develop these designs.

Week 6





We will export all graphic assets including logos, fonts, and backgrounds, in various formats. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive guidelines document in the form of an e-book, outlining the proper usage of these assets. Finally, it is time to pop the champagne and unveil your new branding to the world.

Transparent pricing

Not included :




Brand strategy workshop

Hand-drawn illustrations

Modifications on previously

approved designs or content

Financial support needed?

Great news! Your company may qualify for a grant program. If you're interested in learning more about this opportunity, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Contact us

The Glow Pack


Color references


Textures and backgrounds

2 branded items*

Project management


Source files and rights

1 set of 10 pictures

Graphic guidelines e-book

* Choose 2 from :

1 Business card design (5 people max.)

10 slides template (.ppt)

3 Social media posts template

Social Media set (1 cover, 2 profile pictures)

Flyer A5

More options to discuss

For a total of



Interview by John Doe (Brandeez Magazine),
Photography by Denys Schelfaut.


Brussels in the summer, it feels like walking in North Sydney, in mid-October. Today though, I am not here to talk about my backpacking experiences in South-East Asia, or about my amazing time in the Andes, flying alongside the great white condor.
No, today I am here to meet two entrepreneurs: Eliott and Antoine.
I am meeting them at ‘The Café’, level 200 of the IT Slightly Bleue tower in Brussels. The happy duo is already cracking jokes, I think I’ll have an interesting lunchtime.


John Doe (JD): Antoine, Eliott, thank you for receiving me. I know you are very busy, traveling from Townsville to Angoulême. Your manager also told me you guys soon have a train to catch to New York, I’ll then start right away. Could you simply tell me what you do and who you are?

Eliott (E): We are a branding and creative agency based in Brussels. The company was officially launched in 2016. It all started during a weekend at the beach. It sounds like a romantic comedy, but it’s actually true (they laugh like two old friends). We come from different backgrounds: I studied graphic design and Antoine management. But we both had, and still have, a passion for advertising, creative and visual work. By the end of the weekend, we decided to start this new adventure together (laughs). Today, our team consists of five lovely people and we all get along very well … Just great to go to work!

JD: And concretely, what do you create? If I want a new logo, for instance, or a brochure of 200 pages, shall I contact you?

Antoine (A): Yes, of course, John! We create new identities. You are a young startup, or your company needs a new branding? It will be our pleasure to help you. We also develop creative work for existing brands: flyers, brochures, slideshow, websites … It’s easy John, if you need anything visual, on any type of channel—print, web, video—,we are here for you. I hope my amazing selling skills blow you away, ahem (laughs).

JD: And for this new logo that I need, how does it work? Do we discuss it all together or …?

A: We generally ask our clients to give us first as much information as possible. We read it carefully and then discuss it with them to make sure we really understand their needs. We submit a proposition, listen to feedback, if needed (wink), to offer exactly what the clients want. Our goal is very straightforward: we want to give our best work to our clients.

E: Yes, we want our clients to have a simple and efficient working process with our team. So by getting all the information first and with a clear briefing, we hope to create a smooth and productive process.

JD: Wow, I understand now why your main office is at the top of this tower, and that you opened new offices in 546 countries.

E: Yes John but you know that is not what matters most. Yes, it is nice to have two pools in my private jet, or a jacuzzi in my car, set up by Xzibit. What is really important to remember is that we believe in constructive feedback, transparency and that for any project, everyone is here to achieve the same goal.

JD: Well, thank you guys, I had a fantastic time.

E-A: Likewise John, Likewise.